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Massachusetts Hospital School Staff Training - Integrated Reiki Levels 1&2, June, 2013

Other Testimonials:

"There are no words to express what a profoundly altering experience it was for me to be not only the grateful owner of the retreat space where Margaret and M'Liss led a recent Integrated Reiki Training, but also a participant in the class.
What I learned and experienced through their gentle, wise teaching will forever change and enrich my life. They are a joy to be around, they are firmly grounded, they have deep knowledge and experience with Energetics, they respect their clients and students, and they manifest that spark of the divine Mystery for which all our souls long."                       ---  Merry Cole, owner, The Gathering Inn

The training has impacted my life and my work in a tremendous way.  I felt connected to my higher self previous to the training, however after the training I’m amazed at how much that connection has intensified.  I’d like to express the gratitude I feel for both of you because I feel so much peace and my mind is staying more in the “NOW” than ever before. --Peggy

Thank you both or a spirit filled weekend.  The teachings had a mysterious element that continues to reveal itself. I felt a beautiful heart connection with the group.  The last council sharing was particularly poignant.  --Mark

“I knew very little about Energy healing and now I feel like I am overflowing with knowledge and I want to use it to help myself feel good and others on a daily basis,..” 

“I think the format was great… Each activity that we did related to another activity that we had already done or were about to do … The pace was good... You were both very thorough with explanations and demonstrations making sure we were all comfortable…”

“I think the training has impacted my life in an amazing way. You have given me the tools to look outside the box and really see that I am exactly where I should be… You showed me how to [slow down, and appreciate what’s right in front of my nose] and still be able to focus on my day to day things and work and family.”

“You guys are absolutely amazing, I learned a lot, I felt the love, and I was comfortable. It’s been a very long time since I have been comfortable in my own skin, and using what I have learned from you, every day it gets easier and easier, so thank you.” --Nancy

“I flew half way around the world to be in a workshop with Margaret and M'Liss as my guides. I knew before I stepped foot on the plane that I would have a rich experience but what actually occurred went so far beyond my wildest dreams. The course was juicy with information, technique, experience, ritual and that extra something that happens when a group gels to transcend time and space. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” --Kelly

“The experiential aspects of the class were substantially more, and different  than I had received in another Reiki class several years ago.  For me, it was quite impacting… The ability to interpolate and change based on the energetic needs of the [class in the moment] are quite paramount and I felt you handled that beautifully…” ---Rick


" did a great job of making certain that everything that was most important was covered... The course helped me to refocus and reflect. It reminded me what I am here to do." ---Karen