Program Descriptions:

Dynamic Equilibrium - A curriculum of trainings  based in human  energetics for personal & professional development, healing & mastery.

Dynamic Equilibrium™ describes the energetic formula for life on earth. It is the energetic play between balance, calm and stability on the one hand and growth, movement and change on the other.  It is a necessary condition of life on this planet. We are not physically, mentally or emotionally sustained without both of these forces in play with each other at all times. When the ratio is perfectly calibrated, our physical, mental, emotional and energetic capacities are totally available to us in the moment, informing and empowering us toward clear, authentic and meaningful enactment of our gifts in the world. When either side of the equation is over or under expressed, imbalances occur throughout the system, and we are compromised in health, well being, expression and action.

The moment of conception for every human being, regardless of the outward circumstances, occurs in the state of Dynamic Equilibrium ---where movement and change meet balance and stability in a precise ratio so as to create, in form, a particular human life. From that moment on, the circumstances and experiences of human life propel us into concepts, ideas, beliefs, behaviors and habits that can compromise and cloud our capacity to live fully and enact our unique gifts and potential. We forget our own nature and our own natural state of being. We live our lives in diminished and exaggerated states blind to our capacities and the possibilities for our lives. Our work then is to recreate and inhabit our natural state of Dynamic Equilibrium. We begin this work fostering an understanding of our unique human selves as energetic beings in balance and in motion. The work continues through a series of advanced energetics trainings designed to take us deeply into the truth of who and what we are and how to fulfill our potential.

Who can benefit from this seminal work?

  • Leaders from any arena --corporate, political, social, spiritual;
  • Anyone in leadership development work;
  • Life Coaches and Spiritual Directors;
  • Practitioners and Teachers in the Healing Arts and Wisdom Traditions;
  • Social Activists, Community Organizers;
  • All who seek to expand their capacity to live life fully and offer their unique gifts in this world.

Dynamic Equilibrium Energetics and Elementals - 9-Day training and rite of passage

Dynamic Equilibrium in the Cancer Experience

Dynamic Equilibrium - Energetic Intelligence in Healing and Caregiving

Dynamic Equilibrium Partnering with Spirit

Dynamic Equilibrium - Reclaiming Your Energetic Birthright

There is a Bridge - Crossing the Divides of Cancer
A new program supporting the needs of cancer patients, their caregivers.         There are so many ways that the experience of cancer creates divides in our lives. A great canyon opens up at the moment when we learn of the diagnosis. A chasm forms between the time before and the time since. Gaps form and grow in our own sense of identity, in our relationships, in our capabilities, in our sense of reality, in our sense of possibilities, and in so many other ways. This is true whether we are directly affected by cancer itself or effected through someone else’s experience.

There Is A Bridge™ is designed to support members of the cancer community to discover and build bridges across these divides. These bridges connect us to the truth of who and what we are, connect past and present to the new unknowns of the future, connect all that we know of ourselves with all that is yet to be discovered. We find and build these bridges through transformative story. We cross these bridges utilizing energetic practices that ground, calm and balance us so we make our way steadily, with the capacity to receive and apply the deeper wisdom that arises within each of us to inform and empower us on our journey.

Transformative story is a process of exploring the stories we hold about ourselves and the circumstances of our lives. The exploration is purposeful toward uncovering the strength, wisdom and beauty that is so often hidden beneath our habits of thinking and interpreting, our habits of perception and expression. It is a process that clarifies, empowers and inspires.

Calming Hands™ is an energetic practice that has grounding, calming and balancing effects —physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. The Calming Hands™ practice and related energetics teachings bring us into a new and evolving understanding of ourselves through the lens of our energy body. This enables us to open to receiving and giving support for ourselves and others as we travel through our lives, building and crossing bridges that span the divides that open before us, weaving our own empowered and always transforming story.

Integrated Reiki™ Trainings and Supervised Clinics
Integrated Reiki™ (IR) is the form of Reiki conceived and born out of the training, practice and teachings of M’Liss Calzaretta and Margaret Thompson in the Usui and Karuna traditions.  It is a holistic practice that is used to calm and balance the energetic charge of presenting conditions. The calming and balancing effects of IR can facilitate the body in its own capacity to regulate and heal itself. IR can also assist to discharge intense emotional conditions to foster emotional well being, and IR can facilitate the quieting of an over-stimulated mind toward clarity of thinking and action.

The Integrated Reiki training that we offer unites the great tradition of Reiki with practices and teachings that go deeper into the energetics of human experience and that emphasize the essential aspects of self-understanding and personal mastery in healing practices and in life.

The energetics teachings offer a direct and aware encounter with the human energy body supporting Integrated Reiki students to be clear and healthy in their own energy bodies and in turn be more coherent and integrated when channeling the Reiki energy for themselves and others. In addition, with a deeper understanding of the dynamics of energy, students can develop their capacity to receive and respond to intuitive information that arises while in the Integrated Reiki flow. 

The teachings toward self-understanding and personal mastery support students to access their own profound, innate wisdom ever present to support and guide them as they offer their gifts in the world. The energetics are essential to these teachings. Students come to understand how the energy body affects their physical, mental and emotional being and then how to manage and utilize that energy in Integrated Reiki flow and in all arenas of their lives. As all of that unfolds students come to enjoy anew the extraordinary capacities and possibilities not only of universal healing energy, but of being human on this planet, at this time.

There are two levels of Integrated Reiki™ training available; please see the descriptions of these programs below. We also offer monthly supervised Integrated Reiki™ clinics as continuing development for practitioners and to offer Integrated Reiki™ sessions to the wider community.   These clinics are held at True North Holistic Center and Retreat House in Hubbardston, MA. Students move into higher levels of Integrated Reiki mastery through the advanced energetics training we offer in the Dynamic Equilibrium curriculum.

Integrated Reiki™ Levels One & Two

This weekend experience will train you in Integrated Reiki™ Levels One and Two and give you experiences and tools for deepening your understanding and capacity to embody and practice wholeness, wellness and healing to benefit yourself and others. Beyond the fundamentals of traditional Reiki training, you will learn and experience a series of energetic practices that will bring you into a direct and aware encounter with the human energy body.  Through practices of self-discovery you will open onto your own deep wisdom that supports and guides you as you bring your gifts to the world.

The training incorporates the following disciplines in 20 session hours:

  • Traditional Reiki fundamentals are incorporated into the initiatory teachings of Integrated Reiki™ .  You will learn to practice Integrated Reiki in a private setting for yourself, friends and family. IR 1&2 also prepares you for the deepening that occurs in Advanced and Master Integrated Reiki trainings.
  • Chakra Clearing and Balancing will give you a direct experience of your own energy body and how to keep it healthy in support of your Integrated Reiki™ practice and your life.
  • Breema® bodywork is a practice for self-understanding that will give you tools for developing profound, integrated presence.
  • Journeying will offer you deep insight toward self-understanding and build your capacity to tap into the spiritual support that is available to you at all times.
  • Guided encounters in the outdoors where  organic wisdom meets psychic wisdom to open and deepen your understanding of your own unique, intuitive intelligence.

The successful completion of the 1&2 training fulfills the prerequisite for advanced Integrated Reiki training and prepares participants to practice traditional and Integrated Reiki in a private setting in a nonprofessional capacity.

Integrated Reiki™ Levels Three & Master One

Building on Integrated Reiki One & Two, the Level Three/Master One training will teach you tools for refining and expanding your Integrated Reiki experience and practice.  The teachings will take you yet further into the energetics of human experience, and deeper into self-discovery and personal mastery.  This prepares you and supports you as a clear, coherent channel in Integrated Reiki flow.

The training will incorporate the following teachings in 20 session hours:

  • Level Three/Master One Integrated Reiki teachings: deepening into Integrated Reiki flow, finding your own unique psychic map team, and preparing you to begin to practice on a professional level.
  • Chakra reading and scanning techniques: developing intuition and clairvoyance.
  • The Breema® journey continues: enhancing the self-understanding that supports your capacity to fully embody the experience of Reiki flow.
  • Journeying and Mirror Work: offering you powerful tools for self-understanding and tapping into the spiritual support that is available to you at all times.
  • More guided encounters in the outdoors where  organic wisdom meets psychic wisdom to open and deepen your understanding of your own unique, intuitive intelligence.

The successful completion of this level fulfills the prerequisite for clinical Integrated Reiki training and signifies that the participant has been trained to provide Integrated Reiki sessions at a professional level under the supervision of an Integrated Reiki Master Teacher.

Empowerment through Energetics Programs                 Energetics is brought to bear in the work of empowerment through self-discovery, creative expression, healing, and engaging the natural world. These program are designed for specific purposes and groups and are modeled on the success that M'Liss has had in bringing such programs to her work at the Massachusetts Hospital School where she has established and facilitated a "Boxing for Empowerment" program, "Poetry in Motion", the student Leadership Group and the Transition Group. This work also draws on the work Margaret has undertaken in the vision quest tradition where we engage with the natural world and the organic wisdom that opens and deepens our understanding of our own unique gifts and potential. These programs are structured in a variety of formats and draw on a variety of traditions. "The Meeting in the Wilderness" (see below) is one such format; we also offer weekend, full and half day formats and event-specific programs.

60 and 90-Minute Private Healing & Wellness Sessions

M’Liss and Margaret team up with their client to form a healing triad. Together the triad moves through a three phase wholistic process for healing and restoration that supports a full unfolding in wholeness as we move through life. The client is an active partner in the experience, being empowered to support her/his own healing and expression of wholeness over time. Margaret and M’Liss work together personalizing the course of each session to meet the unique circumstances of each individual.

In this experience, M’Liss and Margaret draw from their training across diverse modalities and traditions including:

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Reiki
  • Reflexology
  • Breema® Bodywork
  • Acupressure
  • Hot and Cold Rock Therapy
  • Chakra Clearing and Balancing
  • Sound Healing
  • Spirit Releasement
  • Past Life Regression
Phase One:
Assessment:  Active dialogue and energetic scanning is utilized to generate a unique blueprint that serves as a guide for phases two and three toward re-establishing and supporting balance, health and vitality --the unfolding in wholeness.

Phase Two:
Treatment: Guided by the blueprint, M’Liss and Margaret work with the client utilizing a customized series of tools and techniques to clear, balance and support healing for the client’s physical, energetic and psychic bodies.

Phase Three:
Empowerment: Through coaching and practices, the client is empowered to carry the work forward allowing the benefits to continue unfolding and multiplying as wholeness finds full and evolving expression in her/his life. 

Calming Hands - Courageous Hearts™                                                          A Professional Training in 3 Modules

There’s more to complementary medicine than modalities, skill sets and facilities.  Essential to the delivery of excellent care in any healthcare setting is a staff that exemplifies professional presence and personal mastery providing care in an environment characterized by mutual respect and support. Calming Hands – Courageous Hearts is a training designed to provide learning and growth at all three of these levels.

At the level of skills sets and modalities, Calming Hands addresses a very fundamental aspect of all complementary medicine: energy. Drawing on a number of healing and wellness traditions, Calming Hands is the application of the principles of the human body as an energy system that is affected in a variety of ways by all manner of physical, emotional and mental phenomena in the environment. Practitioners are trained to use these principles in direct and subtle ways to support healing and wellness for their patients. 

At the level of personal mastery and professional presence, Calming Hands principles and practices will be used by caregivers on themselves to support a deep knowing of what is happening moment by moment inside ones own self. With that awareness anyone can learn to shift and adjust phenomena within themselves to bring a grounded, centered, compassionate presence to the current situation.  The Courageous Hearts piece comes in as we undertake deep self-inquiry to discover the great gifts that can be harvested from within every person and the pitfalls of personality and habit that stand in the way of the gifts. The deep understanding that results from this inquiry is supported by exercises and practices to shift away from the pitfalls and foster the full expression of the gifts. All of this self-inquiry, done in the context of a supportive group container, organically creates a foundation for building rapport and collaboration within the group.

Building on that foundation of rapport and collaboration, Calming Hands principles are practiced among the students bringing another level of experience, understanding and trust. The deep self-inquiry of the Courageous Heart broadens to the arena of interpersonal and professional interaction and relationship. An important part of this “group-self” inquiry involves an examination of habits of speaking and interacting.  This highlights best practices and also involves identifying dynamics that hinder rapport and collaboration. This leads to learning and practicing ways to achieve clear, respectful, effective interaction so that new levels of professional trust and open-heartedness can take root.

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