Evoking Alchemy, LLC ™ was founded for individuals and groups seeking growth, balance, wholeness and mastery in themselves, in their work and relationships ---in all aspects of their lives. We offer training programs, coaching and clinics that are based fundamentally on human energetics, and understanding, regulating and empowering ourselves energetically. Human development towards personal mastery goes beyond the work body, mind, spirit, emotions. We must also embrace and enact the wisdom and practices of the energetics of human being.

The name, Evoking Alchemy describes the purpose of our work:

To be an evocative catalyst for deep, sustainable, structural change toward embodying and expressing the unfolding perfection and full capacities of human being ---the transmutation of our ideas, concepts and habits of self toward the true and full expression of our essential nature.

Healing, wholeness and mastery are elements of the work that support the alchemical process. We heal the wounds of our experience not to purge them from our bodies and psyches but to transmute their effects toward balance and clarity. That healing serves the continual process of living in wholeness which is a process of profound self-discovery and reunion with the depths of our being ---recovery of the soul. Mastery is the process of igniting the innate and ever-present wisdom that resides in each of us. It is also the development of practices and habits that support the realization and full expression of our wisdom and our gifts in this life, on this planet, at this time. In this work we go beyond the keystones of body, mind, spirit, emotions and build on the cornerstone of energetics.

Visit our Programs page for descriptions of our current program offerings including:

  • Dynamic Equilibrium™ - A Series of Trainings in Energetics and Mastery
  • Integrated Reiki™ Levels One and Two
  • Integrated Reiki™ Levels Three and Master One
  • Private Integrated Healing & Wellness Sessions™
  • Calming Hands, Courageous Hearts™
  • Empowerment through Energetics Programs

We also work with individuals and groups to design programs that meet their unique circumstances and needs.


M'Liss is the co-founder of Evoking Alchemy, LLC™. She is the co-developer and master/teacher of Integrated Reiki™ and Dynamic Equilibrium™. She is also an energy practitioner who has integrated the use of a diverse mix of healing modalities, sound expression and physical movement into one rolling wheel of healing practices. She operates on the belief system that every being has his/her own unique blueprint in the pursuit of energetic health. The goal of her practice is to combine one’s humanness with spirit to bring about balance in one’s earthly walk.

As co-founder of the New Orleans Mystic Healing Center, the mission of which is to combine spiritual healing and creative expression, M'Liss brings her background as singer/songwriter and as a healer into her expanded practice. She incorporates Integrated Reiki healing and teaching, Reflexology, Acupressure, sound healing, ceremonial drumming, shamanic journeying, chakra balancing, release work and kundalini crisis recovery. As a practicing Integrated Reiki Master M'Liss facilitates transformational trainings and retreat weekends for groups and individuals seeking to understand the workings of the energetic body.

M'Liss has over twenty years of experience working with adolescents in the child welfare system, as well as physically disabled children and young adults.  She has designed and implemented programs in areas ranging from behavioral management, sound and music therapy, movement therapy and boxing as a means of empowerment. She has a private healing practice in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, is on staff at Massachusetts Hospital School`s Department of Complimentary Alternative Medicine, and is a board member at True North Holistic Center and Retreat House.
Her credentials include:
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Reiki Master  Teacher - Level 3 (Usui and Karuna Traditions)
  • Certified Reflexologist
  • Huna Practitioner
  • USA Certified Boxing Instructor/Trainer
  • Nine Gates Mystery School Graduate and Staff
  • Graduate of Awakenings Clairvoyant School
  • Graduate of Hearts of Shamanism                           
  • Initiate of She-matrix, Australia
  • Studied Acupressure Shiatsu at Acupressure Therapy Institute, Boston, MA